Evergreen carries an extensive collection of nursery
stock. We have always maintained a wide variety of
trees, shrubs and vines.

The diverse selection of plants and their quality have
been Evergreen's trademark for years. We are now
growing many of the new hybrid Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs noted for their hardiness and seasonal interest including longer flowering and attractive

Our nursery contains various sizes of plants from the
1 and 2 gallon size potted plants up to larger
landscape size, balled & burlapped trees. We grow
all of our own ornamental flowering and shade trees
along with certain varieties of flowering and
evergreen shrubs in our fields at Evergreen. We also
grow many varieties of flowering shrubs, including a
large number of native plants in containers.

Evergreen grows a wide variety of both common and
unusual shade and flowering trees in the nursery
located on our property in Seekonk. 

Just a short walk from the back of our garden center,
the nursery is neatly maintained with rows of grass
between the various trees. It is a particularly
enjoyable walk during the spring when leaves and
flowers are emerging and again in the fall as fruits,
berries and autumn foliage brighten the landscape.

We are committed to growing those trees that offer
disease resistance, insect tolerance and all-season

Field Nursery
A few of our favorite flowering
trees that we grow include:

•  Japanese Stewartia
•  Japanese Snowbell
•  Hybrid Dogwoods
•  Japanese Tree Lilac
•  Hybrid Flowering Crabapple
•  Carolina Silverbell
•  Kwansan Cherry
•   Sourwood
Exciting shade trees include: 

• Autumn Blaze, October Glory & Red Sunset Maples
• Green Mountain & Fall Fiesta Sugar Maples
• Japanese Katsura Tree
• Heritage River Birch
• Yellowwood
We are open year round! 508.761.5505

351 Oak Hill Avenue, Seekonk, MA  02771
Come visit our nursery and see these beauties in person! Need directions, please click here.
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Japanese Snowbell
katsura tree
Monday - Saturday 8am-5pm • Sunday 9am-5pm.